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José María Morelos

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Jose Maria Morelos

Religious, politician and Mexican military, leader of the independence of Mexico. He assumed the leadership of the independence movement after the death in 1811 of the priest Hidalgo (to whose cause he had joined in 1810) and obtained important victories. With much of the south of the country under his control, Morelos also tried to give political shape to his ideals of justice and equality through the Congress of Chilpancingo (1813), which formulated the declaration of independence, granted Morelos a broad executive power and It laid the foundations for a liberal and democratic Constitution that would be approved in 1814.

None of this, however, was lasting: reinforced with large contingents of troops, the Spanish viceroy, Félix María Calleja, permanently harassed Congress and Morelos himself, until his capture and execution at the end of 1815. Although the fight for the Independence continued, after the death of Morelos began a frank decline. It took six years for new historical circumstances in the colony and in the metropolis to agglutinate the emancipatory movement around the figure of Agustín de Iturbide, who, having achieved the adhesion of broad social sectors, nurtured a powerful army that allowed him to quickly dominate the country and proclaim the independence of Mexico (September 28, 1821).

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