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Intensive Spanish Programs For Specific Purposes

Intensive Spanish Programs for Specific Purpose

Spanish for Specific Purposes is a language-teaching course designed to meet the needs of learners who need Spanish for a particular purpose, such as business, education, medicine, law, and social work. The approach focuses on language and cultural knowledge relevant to the specific field of study and provides learners with targeted vocabulary, grammar structures, and cultural information. our courses can be adapted to fit the needs the goal of Spanish for Specific Purposes is to enable learners to communicate effectively in Spanish in their chosen field by providing them with the language and cultural skills they need to communicate effectively and appropriately in Spanish.


Spanish for business is a language course designed to teach learners the Spanish language and the language's usage in business-related contexts. The course covers topics such as job interviews, negotiations, meetings, presentations, customer service, Spanish in the workplace, language of negotiations, product presentations and more. It provides learners with the necessary vocabulary and syntax to effectively communicate in professional settings in Spanish. Additionally, the course focuses on pronunciation and cultural awareness to further enhance learners' ability to function in a business environment.

The course is typically offered at various levels of proficiency, from beginner to advanced.

Spanish course for lawyers

A Spanish course for lawyers should focus on the language as it relates to legal terminology. The course should cover topics such as the vocabulary of documents, contracts, laws, and court proceedings, as well as legal processes, procedures, and concepts. Lessons should include topics such as civil and criminal law, immigration law, and international law. Additionally, the course should cover topics such as legal writing, research, and negotiation. The course should also provide students with the opportunity to practice the language through role-playing and speaking activities.

Spanish for healt care professionals

Spanish for health care professionals is a specialized form of Spanish language instruction designed to help health care professionals communicate with Spanish-speaking patients. The goal of Spanish for health care professionals is to provide health care professionals with the language skills needed to communicate effectively with Spanish-speaking patients. The curriculum typically includes topics such as medical terminology, cultural sensitivity, patient interviewing, and Spanish grammar. Students may also learn about Spanish-speaking countries, their culture, and the basics of medical care in Spanish-speaking countries.

Social Workers

This course can help social workers develop their Spanish language skills in order to communicate more effectively with Spanish-speaking communities. The course covers a variety of topics including basic vocabulary, grammar, and conversation skills. It also introduces the social worker to cultural aspects of Spanish-speaking countries and provides guidance on how to use Spanish in professional contexts. Additionally, the course focuses on developing strategies for successfully interacting with Spanish-speaking clients and their families. Finally, the course covers the important role of cultural competency in working with this population.

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