v. San Jerónimo No. 304, Col. San Jerónimo. Cuernavaca Morelos, México



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State Of Puebla


“the town itself has a surprisingly cosmopolitan air...the streets, for instance, are lit with clusters of old fashioned round globes on ornate poles. Puebla has retained a lot of the wealth and architecture from the 19th Century when it was the principal stopping point on the way to Veracruz, Mexico’s main port. The rich and famous built themselves mansions here so they could rest overnight in style. The Church chose Puebla as a center of its activities. A full 99 churches remain from its time along with numerous grand monasteries, convents, many marvelous colonial monuments and a magnificent Bishop’s palace next to the grand Cathedral. Puebla is also the 5th largest city in Mexico with a population of over 1 million...”

Puebla Arqueologica
Puebla Arqueologica


Cholula:“...this town, located about five miles southwest of Puebla, is one of the most holy places in Mexico. Today, Cholula is said to have a church for every day of the year... the great pyramid of Cholula, left from pre-Hispanic times, is slowly being excavated and restored and is known as one of the major archeological wonders of our time. The frescoes are some of the most famous in Mexico, and date back to the Classic period...Hidden tunnels and the famous frescos are deep within the pyramid...”