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University Credits

University Credits are reported in semester hours.

Definition of a Unit of Credit One credit equals 15 contact hours. A contact hour is the equivalent of 50 minutes of class time or the equivalent of 60 minutes of independent study work.

Policies for Receiving Credits
  • Students in any Intensive Spanish Program can earn one credit for 15 contact hours. They may choose a letter grade or a pass/fail scale upon the approval of their home institution.

  • Students must have the approval of the administrator or the chairperson of the Foreign Language Department or their advisor and must sign the registration form before their arrival in México. On their first day of classes, students will need to fill out the Request for Credit form and return it to Universidad Internacional's Credits Office.

  • In order to comply with university and college regulations of the USA and Canada, a transcript for each student will be sent directly to the student's institution. Transcripts are not given directly to the student.

  • University students enrolled in the Spanish Language Programs have the right to obtain University credits which are legally valid within the Republic of México. However, students interested in obtaining Mexican university credits should sign up with Universidad Internacional a month before their arrival in order to have the necessary required papers filed. Students should request the Requirements for Mexican University Credits information from Universidad Internacional. In it, students will find the application procedure described in detail.

  • Students enrolled in a university not affiliated with Universidad Internacional may also earn University credits with the approval of their university or college preceding their arrival. Students should bring written authorization from their university or college. If a university or student requests any information regarding courses and/or teacher qualifications, Universidad Internacional's Admissions Office will mail the necessary information. Any other information such as accreditation, course syllabus, catalog, and the report of the Study Abroad Program Evaluation (from the Commission on Higher Education, Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools, Philadelphia , PA , USA ) will be sent upon the expressed request of the university or college professor.

  • Other universities and colleges only give credit to those students who participate in a joint program between their school and Universidad Internacional. These students may only attend classes for credit when accompanied by a resident director from their school. The procedure for requesting authorization of credit and the courses accepted vary for each university and college. It is for this reason that our Intensive Spanish Language Program provides a course syllabus upon the request of an institution.

  • Some universities and colleges authorize their students to attend the Intensive Spanish Language Program and earn University credits without time restrictions. These students may study at the time of the year they choose and may study for the amount of time they desire, according to their individual needs and preferences.

  • Spanish instructors keep a daily record of each student's performance and the material covered in class. At the end of each week, an evaluation of the student's progress is recorded. On the last day of classes weekly, a written exam is given to students applying for credits.

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